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Flowflex Covid Self-Test Packs of 5

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Flowflex Covid Tests in Packs of 5

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Are you looking for an effective, reliable, yet comfortable way to self-test for COVID-19? Try the FlowFlex COVID-19 self-test pack available at Handstation.

Flowflex Covid Self-Test Packs of 5

flowflex covid test



The FlowFlex COVID-19 test 5-pack features patented technology that detects the COVID-19 virus. Through swab administration, a rapid immunoassay allows qualitative detection of selected antigens to SARS-CoV-2, which may be in your nostrils. It is practical and reliable as you get your COVID-19 results in just 15 minutes.

COVID-19 is a contagious respiratory disease resulting from a strain of coronavirus that causes illness in humans. First, reports claimed animals brought it about, but humans contracted it, and it began transmitting among people. The method of transmission is through the transfer of infected air droplets, dispensed when sneezing or coughing. It can also be shared through touching infected surfaces that have come into contact with the virus, then after touching your nose, eyes, or mouth.

You can protect yourself from the disease by washing your hands with soap, water, or an alcohol-based hand rub. Wearing a mask and partaking in good hygiene is also good at keeping COVID-19 at bay. You might need to conduct tests to check your status or if you suspect you have COVID-19 symptoms. The said symptoms include fever, fatigue, a persistent dry cough, and loss of smell or taste.

trick-mark-iconThe FlowFlex COVID-19 kit is fully home-use approved and validated by the Public Health England Porton Down and is registered with the MHRA & CE approved.

trick-mark-iconIt is also ISO-certified. FlowFlex COVID Self-test packs are used and trusted by several companies worldwide, including UK airports and the NHS.

trick-mark-iconIt has undergone multiple tests and evaluations from specimens acquired from patients, and it has proven to display high accuracy levels compared to other self-test kits.

The Difference Between the FlowFlex
COVID Test Kit Pack and a Normal Kit Test

Most COVID-19 self-test kits usually go into your nostril around 9-10 cm deep. Most people consider this invasive and uncomfortable; the FlowFlex, on the other hand, only goes 2.5 cm inside your nose. It is also convenient because you don’t need a doctor, as nasopharyngeal tests require a doctor to conduct the procedure. The FlowFlex test, however, does not. A guardian or an adult can complete the test. You could even perform the test yourself.

Other kits claim that you can use them on the nostril, yet they are proven clinically for nasopharyngeal testing; an example is Innova. You risk getting inconsistent or inaccurate results when you use equipment designed for nasopharyngeal testing on your nostrils. They usually give you about 40-50% accuracy. The Healgen antigen test is another known provider that offers a better result. The products can be used to conduct nostril tests without clinical reports. Most of the time, these kinds of testing kits end up bringing about quite accurate results. The Hughes healthcare antigen test also falls under this category.

The lateral flow test in the FlowFlex features a unique patented enhanced sensitivity system in the test cassette. Other everyday kits use the colloidal gold method, considered less sensitive and effective in spotting the CoV-SARS-2 antigen. For this reason, the FlowFlex sars-COV-2 antigen rapid test is accurate when it comes to detecting the virus in specimens.

The FlowFlex® Test Kit

The FlowFlex® test kit goes only
2.5cm swab into the nostril.

Normal Test Kit

A normal antigen test kit goes
9-10cm swab into the nostril.

Going Through the FlowFlex COVID Test Process

For all other self-test kits, the process tends to be complex as most of them require a professional medical attendant. The FlowFlex, however, is relatively easy and can be done without a professional.

You can also rely on the accuracy of the results due to the unique strengthened system that the cassette features. It makes it more sensitive than other self-test kits, thus, a patient gets more accurate results. The following are the process and steps involved in using the FlowFlex antigen test:


Collect a sample nasal swab from a test subject; you can do this yourself, or ask your friend or some close ones to help you.


There is an extraction buffer tube in the contents of your kit. Check it and ensure the liquid level is around 2 mm from the graduation line. Immerse the nasal swab inside the buffer tube and stir it well. Press the swab to the bottom of the bottle.


Stir the swab that contains the cell samples well, then remove the test cassette from the foiled packaging.


Add around four drops of the sample onto the test card; you will see the results in around 15 minutes.

Results Interpretation

After about 15 minutes, you should have your results ready, with three possible outcomes. It can either turn out positive, negative, or invalid. The following is how they will come out and how to interpret them:

Negative Test Result

If the quality control line (C-line) shows a red line, but there is no red line on the test line (T-line), then the results are negative.

Positive Test Result

The result is positive if both C-line and T-line show red lines. Sometimes the line can be faint, but the result is still positive. If you notice these, get to a hospital and seek medical attention immediately.

Invalid Test Result

Sometimes the results can also be invalid; this is the case when there is no red line on the C-Line. The result is still null even if there is a line on the T-Line. Therefore, redoing the test is critical to get the correct results.

Contents of the 5 Single Self-Test Kit

All the contents of the FlowFlex COVID-19 antigen home test suit their purpose and comfort. The nasal swab is unique and will allow you to get nasal specimens quickly. In addition, there is a manual to guide you through the steps. Everything about the FlowFlex COVID test kit works to offer you accurate results and ease of use. Inside the box of the FlowFlex Single Self-Test Kit, there are:

trick-mark-iconFive individually sealed test cassettes

trick-mark-iconFive individually sealed swabs

trick-mark-iconFive pre-filled buffer tubes

trick-mark-iconAn instruction manual

STORAGE: You can store the FlowFlex test at room temperature. However, the kit has to remain in its pouch until use. Do not keep it frozen, and always check the expiration date labelled on the sealing bag.

At Handstation, we are committed to offering excellent and high-quality products. The FlowFlex self-test kit is reliable and effective at providing accurate results. Using it is also far more convenient than standard self-test kits as it only goes up to 2.5 cm up your nose. In addition, Public Health England validates the self-test kit, and the government backs it.

What makes it unique is the new and genuine patented technology used in the system that guarantees much more accurate results. The Porton Down Laboratory, run by the UK Government, reviews all lateral flow tests. They also approved the FlowFlex antigen test and deemed it accurate at detecting the virus.

Another highlighting factor that makes our test a great option is how simple it is to use it. There are only four short and simple steps that are relatively simple to follow through. In addition, the steps do not involve invasive or uncomfortable requirements, like having the swab go up 10 cm inside your nostrils. You also don’t have to worry about requirements other self-help test kits have, like keeping off eating and drinking before conducting the test.

The test involves putting the swab about 2.5 cm inside your nose and then dipping it in buffer solution. It is a process that is so simple that some governments, such as the Austrian government, have approved school children to use them and test themselves for COVID in schools. They can do this themselves without needing the assistance of a healthcare professional. For more information about the FlowFlex COVID-19 test 5 pack, or other similar products, contact us today.


FlowFlex Antigen Rapid Covid Tests

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