Hand Dryers: Dyson Airblade & SupaDry Jet

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Hand Dryers: Dyson Airblade & SupaDry Jet

Looking for the best hand dryers in UK? Handstations.co.uk offers high-quality hand dryers that are sustainable, hygienic, and energy efficient. Click for more.

Hand Dryers

Hand dryers have become quite popular these days as opposed to the traditional paper towel. Most washroom facilities have switched to hand dryers because of their many benefits, including:

Practicality and ease of use

Hygiene benefits

Cost less in the long run

Are environmentally friendly

Here at Handstations.co.uk, we offer one of the best high-quality hand dryers, the Dyson Airblade, and SupaDry Jet hand dryers. These units are sustainable, hygienic, and energy-efficient. The hand dryers are designed using leading technologies that allow quick hand drying and easy cleaning. What distinguishes these dryers from other brands is their high power range and low energy consumption, making them leading products in the hand dryer UK market.

The Dyson Air Blade hand dryer features the popular jet blade dryer technology that will dry your hands faster than other expensive air hand dryers. In addition, it also reduces the impact on the planet and saves you money, giving you a more hygienic solution.

Choosing a Hand Dryer: What to Look For

Most hand dryers are more cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and hygienic than paper towels. If you are planning to get one, get the Dyson Air Blade. Here are some of the reasons you should pick these hand dryers for your home or business:

1. Speed of the airflow

This is the first factor people look for in a good commercial hand dryer. No matter how busy the traffic is, the faster people dry their hands the better. We recommend hand dryers that can dry hands in an average time of around 10-12 seconds.

2. Energy efficiency

The efficiency of the hand dryer must not be compromised by its energy consumption. Since Dyson Airblade and SupaDry Jet hand dryers come with the popular blade technology and modern energy-efficient motors, they offer insanely fast hand drying compared to hot air hand dryers. This not only saves you money but also lowers the impact on the environment.

3. Hygiene

High-quality hand dryers guarantee an excellent level of hygiene. And Handstations.co.uk offers hand dryers that have high levels of protection. Because of the HEPA filter, Dyson will stop 99.9% of the bacteria that occupy your washroom's air and leave you with clean and dry hands as fast as possible. Both Dyson hand dryers and SupaDry Jet hand dryers offer protection against bacteria and germs. It is essential to know how to do it right when we wash our hands and dry them. Studies have shown that drying your hands using warm air instead of paper towels lowered the number of bacteria left on your hands. The bacteria count went even lower when using jet air dryers such as the Dyson Air Blade. Additionally, the antibacterial plastic housing also reduces the chance of contact contamination.

4. Maintenance

When buying hand dryers, their maintenance costs must also be taken into consideration, especially when it comes to hand dryers that will be placed in high-traffic areas. Dyson and SupaJet hand dryers are proven to have a long lifespan and, in addition to their excellent performance and low energy consumption, promise significant savings in maintenance time and costs.

5. Warranty and after-sales service

When you purchase a dryer from Handstations, consider it a long-term investment because of the warranty, after-sales services and support offered by the committed and dedicated staff. At Handstations, we understand that purchasing specialised equipment like Dyson hand dryer can seem challenging, so we have made the process quick and fast. In addition, our qualified staff will provide any assistance you require.

Benefits of Dyson Airblade & SupaDry Jet Hand Dryers

trick-mark-iconIf you are looking for a hand dryer that is durable, easy to use, efficient, and has a low noise level, then you need the Dyson Airblade or SupaDry Jet Hand Dryer. They exceed the usual commercial hygiene standards and will save you a lot of energy costs.

trick-mark-iconThe Dyson hand dryer also has a quick drying time of up to 12 seconds. In addition, these units come with detailed installation guides and are pretty easy to maintain.

trick-mark-iconDyson Airblade hand dryers are also resistant to tampering and malicious damage. In addition, the hand dryers will save you up to 95% in running costs. It is NAS-approved and ultra-quiet at 79dB and comes with two hygienic HEPA filters.

trick-mark-iconOne of the dryers from Dyson that is worth mentioning due to its unique dryer technology is the Dyson Airblade 9Kj. It features a curved blade design that removes moisture from your hands very fast. The hand dryer uses clean air to dry hands, and in addition to that, it is acoustically designed to produce minimal noise. As a result, the Dyson Airblade 9Kj is the quietest hand dryer ever.

trick-mark-iconIt has two different power modes; Max mode and Eco mode. Max mode is for busy areas, while Eco mode allows for acoustic control and energy efficiency. It produces around 88% fewer carbon emissions than paper towels, thus is good for the environment.

trick-mark-iconOn the other hand, the SupaDry Jet is just as energy efficient and compact. It allows for fast hand drying and is eco-friendly, courtesy of the low-energy motor. The size of the SupaDry Jet is convenient for most positioning angles you might consider. It also comes in different colours to fit your preferences. These include matt black, brushed chrome, chrome, and white. The cover material is stainless steel, with a noise level of 72 dB at 1 m. This means it can be used in environments such as hospitals.

trick-mark-iconThese dryers are also excellent tools in the fight against COVID-19. For example, one of the challenges of washing your hands, especially in a public washroom, is that your risk of re-infection is higher when you come into contact with paper towels. However, with a contactless dryer, you easily protect your customers or family by minimising that risk.

Why Are Hand Dryers Better Than Paper Towels?

Hand dryers are great, mainly when used in business and public restrooms. Paper towels were the go-to for most people for a long time, but that is quickly changing. Here are some of the reasons why:

Cost – Hand dryers are preferred because they are more economical. In addition, hand dryers become relatively cheaper once you get through the initial cost of purchase and installation. On the other hand, paper towels need regular purchasing and investing in a disposal bin and trash bags or bin liners. You may also have to get a janitor to regularly empty the bin in a high-traffic area such as a cafe or public washroom.

Environmental impact – Hand dryers are available in two varieties, the warm-air hand dryer, and the standard. Both have a less environmental impact when compared to paper towels. This is because, for paper towels, the environmental impact is measured in their production, transportation, and disposal. Therefore, they have to be restored now and again and are disposed of more often than hand dryers, thus giving them a bigger carbon footprint.

frequently asked questions

How Long Does A Hand Dryer Warranty Last?

Dyson offers a 5-year warranty total, a part and labour period warranty of one year and a parts-only period warranty for four years. The SupaDry Jet Hand Dryer, on the other hand, comes with a 3-year warranty.

Are Hand Dryers Hygienic?

Yes, hand dryers are hygienic. However, not all of them. The most important thing is how the hands are dried. Using jet air dryers such as the Dyson Airblade will significantly lower the bacteria count in your hands. The Dyson Airblade comes with HEPA filters which filter out 99.9 per cent of airborne bacteria below 0.3 microns from the airflow.

Moreover, these dryers minimise physical contact, meaning your risk of getting in touch with contaminated surfaces is reduced.

Overall, hand dryers are hygienic, especially compared to paper towels. If you want to purchase a hand dryer, we recommend the Dyson Airblade & SupaDry Jet Hand Dryers. They are durable, easy to operate and offer excellent value for money.

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