Wall Mounted Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

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Wall Mounted Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

Looking for an automatic hand sanitiser dispenser for your facility? You can’t go wrong with Handstations.co.uk compact and reliable wall-mounted dispensers.

Wall Mounted Dispensers

An efficient way to minimize the spread of germs and maintain hygiene standards in the workplace is to provide quality handwashing tools and facilities. An example of such a quality unit is a wall-mounted hand sanitiser dispenser.

An automatic wall-mounted hand sanitiser dispenser attaches to a wall and then dispenses the sanitiser once you place your hands under it. The sanitiser has inbuilt sensors that detect hand motions, which means you don’t have to touch it for it to work.

Once the wall-mounted hand sanitiser unit is mounted on the wall you don’t need to take it down as you can easily refill its content.

Need more reasons why a wall-mounted dispenser is a good investment for your facility?

Read on.

Pros of Wall Mounted Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

trick-mark-iconAutomatic wall-mounted dispensers offer a convenient and safe means of safeguarding your workplace hygiene standards.

trick-mark-iconWith a hand sanitiser dispenser wall-mounted unit in your facility, your employees and customers no longer have to use messy bar soaps or bottle dispensers that take up counter spaces.

trick-mark-iconBesides, since a wall-mounted hand sanitiser is touchless, most people are willing to use it, which minimizes the risk of spreading germs.

trick-mark-iconWall-mounted dispensers also come in sleek and aesthetically pleasing colours, shapes and styles, making them ideal for workplaces.

Let’s look at each of these benefits in detail.

1. Usefulness

Of course, the number one reason why you should use wall-mounted sanitisers in your workplace is that they’re effective in keeping germs at bay.

The unit uses an antimicrobial alcohol-based gel sanitiser that kills 99.99% of viruses and bacteria. This translates to a healthier workforce and reduced absenteeism due to the spread of viruses and respiratory illnesses.

Further, wall-mounted hand sanitiser dispensers can help promote handwashing practice in your facility as they’re easily accessible. Wall dispensers in their original condition are easy to mount in easily accessible locations, making them very convenient to use.

Workers don’t have to go to the restroom to use them, as these dispensers can be mounted in any workplace high traffic area, including:

Entrances and exits

Next to the employees' office desks




Near office sinks

Besides, the dispenser isn’t labour-intensive, as you or your housekeeping staff don’t have to refill it now and then. The unit has a transparent window which you can use to monitor the sanitiser level. The dispenser also holds a significant amount of dispensing soap, meaning it only needs to be refilled every once in a few weeks.

2. Contactless Technology

A notable benefit of an automatic soap dispenser is that it’s touchless.

When using this unit, you don’t have to physically touch it as it has contactless technology. When checking the product description of your unit, you’ll notice that the automatic dispenser comes with ultrasonic sensors that can monitor hand motions. These sensors allow the unit to only discharge the sanitiser gel when someone places their hands under it.

The contactless technology makes wall-mounted hands sanitiser dispensers extremely convenient for people who don’t want to risk the spread of infection through physical contact with soap and other traditional hand sanitisers.

3. Customized Design

Modern wall-mounted sanitisers come in sleek designs meant to complement modern offices' wall colours, designs, and decor.

Before buying the dispenser, seek an honest customer review of the unit from an employee and let them tell you if it complements your office interior.

The good news is that with today’s wall-mounted dispensers, you’ll most likely find a unit that perfectly blends with your office style. You can also request a dispenser that comes with a branded or customised design that compliments your organisation image.

4. No Space Taken Technology

Perhaps one of the most overlooked benefits of wall-mounted hand sanitisers is that they save space. This is particularly important in small offices or cramped spaces.

Besides, the wall-mounted sanitiser dispenser often uses waterless alcohol or non-alcoholic gel sanitiser. This means you can use it in small spaces that don’t have sinks, as the gel rubs into the skin, leaving it clean and dry.

Moreover, since the wall dispenser is permanently mounted on the wall, it comes with zero product waste. It saves on the cost of replacing used sanitiser bottles and also reduces spillage and soap wastage.

Where to Buy Your Wall-Mounted Sanitiser Dispenser

Wall-mounted hand sanitisers are ideal for areas with multiple users. These units come highly recommended for workplaces as they’re convenient, save on space, and ensure handwashing compliance.

If you’re looking for a wall-mounted sanitiser dispenser for your facility, you can contact us.

At Handstations.co.uk, we are your one-stop shop for all your hand sanitation needs. Our wall-mounted hand sanitiser dispensers are touch-free, compact, refillable, and come in modern designs and colours. We also have a friendly return policy in case your dispenser is faulty or you need a replacement.

Go on and talk to us today, as we have a variety of wall-mounted hand sanitisers that are ideal for home and workplace use.

frequently asked questions

What is the mounting height of the dispenser?

The recommended mounting height of the dispenser should not be higher than 1170 mm for men’s washrooms and not higher than 1120 mm for women’s washrooms. If you’re mounting your hand sensitiser dispenser in a children’s washroom, the height should be between 810 mm and 1120 mm, depending on the child's age. The recommended height for wall-mounted dispensers in a disabled washroom is 940 mm.

To mount your sanitiser on the wall, simply find a space and attach it with the help of adhesive foam pads, screws and the screwing unit for a permanent fixing.

What is the sensitive range of the dispenser?

Wall-mounted hand sanitisers dispensers use automated sensors to dispense the sanitiser or liquid soap. The sensors recognise infrared energy produced by a person’s body heat. The IR sensors have an immediate sensitive range of between 2 cm to 30 cm.

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