HandStation Eco Stainless Wall Mounted Automatic Touch Free Hand Sanitiser System – Foam Dispenser


The HandStation Eco Hand Sanitiser System Foam dispenser. This Wall Mounted System is perfect for Bathrooms.

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HandStation Eco Stainless Steel Wall mounted hand sanitiser foam dispenser.


With this touch-free hand sanitiser foam dispenser from HandStations, you are guaranteed that harmful pathogens and germs do not enter into your home or place of work.

Though the correct protocol is to wash your hands regularly, you probably do not have that much time to spend washing your hands with soap and water. But with this foam dispenser from HandStations, your customers, employees, and anybody coming into your building have an effective and quick solution to prevent the spread of germs.

It is ideal for use in a healthcare facility or a restroom where germs accumulate. With the touch-free and automatic system, your organisation will have extra protection against diseases. Furthermore, you can mount it on a wall close to the entrance for easy access and thus convenience.


  • These foam sanitisers have a safety lock and an infrared sensor.
  • The touch-free technology of the hand sanitiser foam dispenser reduces the risk of cross-contamination.
  • You can see the level of the foaming liquid through the viewing window.
  • It has a refillable tank with a big capacity of, 1200ml
  • Stylish design with a stainless steel casing
  • Powered by four AA batteries that are included in the package
  • It comes with a two-year guarantee
  • CE Certified


  • It has an extended battery life and is capable of lasting a maximum of 120,000 hand washes.
  • Usage does not require touch, as the foam dispenser automatically dispenses sanitiser liquid or soap.
  • It features battery alerts and refills alerts to inform you whenever a recharge (or battery replacement) or refill is due.
  • The dispenser comes with a two-year warranty.
  • It is commercial-grade, meaning it can withstand constant use and heavy traffic in busy workplaces and continue functioning smoothly.
  • Available higher capacity refills on the market work well with enriched foam moisturizing hand soap, enriched foam antibacterial hand soap, or enriched foam alcohol hand sanitiser.
  • It is ADA compliant

Meets the requirements

  • ADA Compliant
  • CE Certified

2 Year

Power Source

4x AA Alkaline Batteries (Included)

Refilable Tank Capacity




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HandStation ECO CE Certificate


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