Commercial Automatic Sanitizer Station | Hand Sanitiser Station

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Commercial Automatic Sanitizer Station | Hand Sanitiser Station

Hand Sanitiser Station Selection:

Above, you will find a selection of our freestanding automatic touch-free floor standing hand sanitiser station. Here at HandStations we have all items listed on our website in stock meaning you can have your delivery of Hand Sanitiser Stations by the next working day for deliveries placed before 2 pm. Floor Standing Hand Sanitiser Dispensers are ideal for positioning at building entrances and in lobby areas for convenient hand sanitising, the systems are portable and easily moved from great flexibility. *Free Next Day Delivery to UK Mainland only. Excludes Highlands and Islands.

Why hand sanitiser stations?

As we all know, regular handwashing is the best way to fight the spread of germs and harmful viruses like SARS-CoV-2. However, handwashing isn't always possible, and that's where hand sanitiser stations come in. Our commercial hand sanitiser stations are designed for use in a whole range of indoor environments. From offices to restaurants and shops to bars, these refillable hand sanitiser stations provide a convenient way for people to sanitise their hands when they pass through your premises. The convenient freestanding design of our hand sanitiser stations means that they can be positioned in areas of high traffic flow. This makes them much better than wall-mounted dispensers that can easily be missed. The automatic dispensing mechanism means that all our hand sanitiser stations are 100% touch-free, providing extra protection.

Do I need hand sanitiser stations?

While UK lockdown measures are easing and the vaccination effort is well underway, it is still important to ensure that high levels of cleanliness and hygiene are maintained wherever possible, and this includes within your premises. Whether you operate a restaurant, are responsible for employees working in an office, or own a hair salon, providing dedicated hand sanitiser stations is a great way to encourage good hygiene from staff and visitors. HandStations manufacture and supply a large selection of high-quality, low-maintenance freestanding hand sanitiser stations and other hand hygiene products. Designed to aid risk prevention efforts, our hand sanitiser stations can be prominently deployed in any high footfall area of your premises while remaining relatively discreed and subtle. Available in various designs and capacities, our commercial hand sanitiser stations are perfect for use in all commercial and business settings.

Where should I place my hand sanitizer station?

The whole idea behind our freestanding commercial hand sanitiser stations is that they are placed prominently in areas with high footfall. This makes them much more likely to be used than wall-mounted sanitiser stations which are easy to miss or ignore altogether. To encourage frequent use, we recommend placing your hand sanitizer stations at frequent intervals within buildings, such as by stairways and lifts, and in high footfall areas such as entrances, exits, common areas, and meeting rooms.

Reasons to buy a hand sanitizer station

Here are some reasons why our automatic hand sanitiser stations are the best choice:

Size and capacity

With a hand sanitizer station, you want something that’s small enough to not be an eyesore but big enough to hold a decent amount of hand sanitiser gel. Our hand sanitiser stations have large capacities of up to 1.1 litres while being so compact that you will forget that they are there.


If your hand sanitiser dispenser will be in a public place, you need something that is lockable and secure. This stops people needlessly vandalising it.

Easy to maintain

Our commercial sanitiser stations are very easy to clean and maintain. They feature quick-wipe surfaces for quick cleaning, which helps to prevent cross-contamination if people come into contact with the dispenser accidentally.

What Sanitiser Can I Use?

You can use any type of hand sanitiser gel with our commercial hand sanitiser stations, including alcohol-free hand sanitiser products. We recommend purchasing HandStations hand sanitiser products for best results. Hand sanitiser gel is sold separately to the hand sanitiser dispenser itself.
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