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Hand Sanitiser Dispensers | Sanitiser Dispenser

Sanitiser Dispenser
Here, you'll find the full range of Sanitiser Dispenser sold by HandStations. Whether you need gel or liquid sanitiser, we have the perfect dispenser for you! As we're all aware by now, regular hand sanitising is one of our best, cheapest, and most effective weapons for fighting Covid-19. And as the disease spreads and demand for hand sanitizer and dispenser grow, we'll be here ready and waiting to do our bit for our customers and contribute to the collective relief effort. At HandStations, we sell Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispensers, Sanitiser Station in three distinct varieties: Free-standing, wall-mounted, and desktop, and they're all compatible with either gel or liquid-based Nilaqua Hand Sanitiser, no matter if they're alcohol-based or alcohol-free. *FREE Next Day Delivery to UK Mainland only. Excludes Highlands and Islands.

An easy way to improve hand hygiene

Hand sanitiser dispensers have become a must-have for any business, commercial, or public premises due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Now things are opening back up and welcoming people back, you need to be sure that you are putting your best foot forward in terms of hygiene and sanitation so that you can play your part in stopping the spread of coronavirus. Our hand sanitiser stands, free standing hand sanitiser dispensers, and other hand sanitiser dispenser products are among the very best available on the market. They are designed to be quick and easy to use, and they help to avoid waste by automatically dispensing the correct amount of hand sanitiser gel that is needed for adequate sanitation. Our commercial hand sanitiser stands are also very discreet; place them at the main door of your business premises to provide your patrons with an effective way to keep their hands clean and prevent the spread of not only COVID-19 but other harmful pathogens, viruses, and bacteria. With capacities as high as one litre, you won’t have to worry about constantly refilling them, either. Our hand sanitiser dispensers and other sanitiser products reign supreme against the competition, helping you vastly improve hygiene standards at your workplace or business premises. If you know what you are looking for, you can find it above. If not, carry on reading for a brief buyers’ guide:  

Soap dispensers vs automatic hand sanitiser dispensers

Many people assume that you can use soap dispensers with hand sanitiser. This isn’t the case, though. Hand sanitiser is very different to soap. Soap works by clinging to your hands and dragging dirt and other particles, such as viruses and bacteria, off with it when you rinse. Hand sanitiser on the other hand (no pun intended) works by “rupturing” the protective layer surrounding viruses, killing them before evaporating. This means that hand sanitiser is designed to have more contact time with your skin and is far more viscous. This can cause problems when you try to dispense hand sanitiser using regular soap dispensers, because hand sanitiser dispensers require a stronger pump mechanism that is able to cope with this thicker liquid.  

Why automatic hand sanitiser dispensers?

Automatic hand sanitiser dispensers and hand sanitiser stands are some of the most reliable and efficient hand sanitiser dispensers available. This is because your users don’t have to physically touch the dispenser for it to work, which of course reduces the chances of cross-contamination from occurring. Automatic dispensers work by utilising motion sensor technology—users simply need to wave their hands beneath sensor for it to work.  

Reasons to buy a free-standing hand sanitiser dispenser

Here are some reasons why our automatic hand sanitiser dispensers—which tick all these boxes and more—are the best choice:  


Durability is an important consideration when a product is going to be regularly used by many people, much more often than a soap dispenser would be. While people only use soap when they wash their hands, sanitiser is something that many people will be applying throughout the day. You therefore need something that is robust and built for constant use.  

Size and capacity

With an automatic sanitiser dispenser, you want something that’s small and discreet enough to not be an eyesore but large enough to hold a good amount of hand gel. Our hand sanitiser dispensers have large capacities of up to 1.1 litres while being so compact that you will forget that they are there.  


If your hand sanitiser dispenser will be in a public place, you need something that is lockable and secure. This stops people needlessly vandalising it.  

Easy to maintain

Our hand sanitiser dispensers are very easy to clean and maintain. They feature easy-wipe surfaces for quick cleaning, which helps to prevent cross-contamination if people come into contact with the dispenser.
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