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Handstations.co.uk supplies hand sanitisation products that make it easy and accessible to maintain a high standard of hand hygiene in the home, commercial, industrial and public setting.

Handstations.co.uk is a trading name of Hillside Commerce LTD, a family-run business with a proud history of many successful businesses, built on a strong foundation of great customer service, quality products and customised solutions to suit your needs.

Hand Hygiene
Made Easy

Easy to assemble. Automatic. Touch-free. And covered by a two-year guarantee. Our flagship HandStation Elite and HandStation Eco machines come in three great variations: Desktop, Free Standing and Wall Mounted. Each HandStation is battery-powered (batteries included) so you can place them literally anywhere.

Hand Sanitiser Products Alcohol Free & Alcohol Based

Kills up to 99.9% of illness causing germs. Our hand sanitiser refills, supplied by the trusted Nilaqua Hand Sanitiser® brand, are suitable for all ages and skin types. You can choose from alcohol and alcohol-free refills in either liquid or gel packs. All hand sanitiser refill cartridges are compatible with the entire HandWash Eco and Elite range.

Wholesale Deals

Touch-Free Automatic Sanitiser Dispensers.

Elite Range

hand Sanitiser Dispenser

Touch-Free Automatic Dispensers

Eco Range

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