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Flowflex Covid Self-Test Packs of 25


Flowflex Covid Tests in Packs of 25


ACON flowflex Covid-19 (self-testS) Packs of 25 tests ONLY 60p PER TEST PLUS VAT ON A BOX OF 25



COVID-19 is a respiratory infection that affects humans and spreads very quickly, mainly because many of those infected are asymptomatic. The symptoms are undetectable, but they can still spread the virus. 

Investigations show that COVID-19 has a 1-14 days incubation period, whereas most infections catch on in around 4-7 days. On these days of symptom onset, you should be keen and assess what you are experiencing before seeking medical care. Some of the well-known symptoms of the virus include loss of smell or taste, fever or high temperatures, and a persistent dry cough. 

The FlowFlex COVID-19 tests (25 in a pack) are made with a patented technology capable of detecting proteins, thus detecting strains of the COVID-19 virus. To administer an accurate test, you must use a simple nasal swab around 2cm within the nose. The process is less invasive than other nasopharyngeal tests. In terms of accuracy, the test can also be relied upon as it comes with a patented technology that offers accurate results regarding COVID-19 testing just as Healgen antigen test.

The test is currently supplied to The UK, German, Austrian, French and Spanish Governments, all UK airports, major airlines, pharmaceutical companies, corporates and distribution companies.

The FlowFlex® Rapid Lateral Flow Test successfully passed through all evaluation stages at Porton Down Laboratory and is clinically proven for its accuracy in identifying both, symptomatic and asymptomatic cases of Covid 19 as well as, all known variants of the disease. The test has subsequently been validated by Public Health England and carries a CE0123 mark for home use and self testing in the U.K. and EU. It is MHRA registered and also registered with the FDA and WHO pending emergency use approval.

Product Features

The FlowFlex test kit has been approved for home use and is up to 98.8% accurate. It has validation from Public Health England Porton Down and has approved grants in the UK and EU. They are exact in identifying symptomatic and asymptomatic cases of COVID-19 or any related variants.

After conducting the test, you will have the results in 15 minutes. It has at least a 2-year shelf-life dating from the manufacturing day. The FlowFlex Covid-19 antigen test (25 in a pack) kit is CE-approved and ISO-certified.

Differences Between Usual Test Kits and FlowFlex Test Kits

There are differences between a standard usual test kit and a FlowFlex test kit. A common feature is that FlowFlex tests and some usual tests are usable nasally, while most others are not. However, usual test kits lack clinical evidence to prove the adjustment. 

An example is Innova; even though their tests have proven to be nasopharyngeal, they still claim their tests are doable on the nostrils. Using this test gets you about 40-50% accuracy. Other providers like Innova also claim their product as a nostril test when no clinical reports are conducted with the said swab mechanisms, leading to inaccuracies in the results.  

The FlowFlex, on the other hand, has been evaluated with specimens sourced from patients and indicates high accuracy levels overall. The test obtained from this COVID-19 test kit is a simple nostril swab test.

The FlowFlex Covid Test Kits Pack of 25 Tests – easy to use testing

normal covid 19 antigen test

A Usual Test Kit

Usual test kits are mostly nasopharyngeal and involve going 8-10cm into the nasal cavity.

flowflex antigen test

A FlowFlex Test Kit

The FlowFlex swab goes only 2cm into the nostril and is doable at home without needing a doctor.

FlowFlex COVID-19 Test Process

The test process is pretty simple and gets you the results relatively faster. In addition, the results you get from the FlowFlex test kit are reliable courtesy of the patented enhanced sensitivity system in the test cassette, making it much more sensitive than other tests. Furthermore, the FlowFlex self-test accurately detects the CoV-SARS antigens. The following is a step-by-step guide on how to conduct a COVID-19 test using the FlowFlex test kit.

step 1


The first step involves getting a simple nasal swab sample from the test subject. Getting the sample is relatively simple and is doable by a caregiver. You can also do this yourself if no one is around to help you.

flowflex covid test process


Before using, confirm the extraction buffer tube and ensure the liquid level is at least 2mm close to the graduation line. Once done, you can put the swab into the buffer tube. Ensure you stir the swab containing the cell sample well and press it to the bottom of the table.

flowflex covid test process step 3


Stir the swab well and remove the test cassette from the foil packaging.

flowflex covid test process step 4


Add 3-4 drops of the sample onto the test card and then wait. You should have the test results in about 15 minutes.

Results Interpretation

After 15 minutes have elapsed, you should have your results ready. There are three possible outcomes; it can come out positive, negative, or invalid. Possible results are explained in detail below.

Negative Test Result

The result turns out negative if the C-line (Quality Control Line) turns out red, but the T-line (Test Line) is not.

flow flex positive test

Positive Test Result

The result is positive if both the T-Line and C-Line are red. Note that sometimes the lines can be faint; this still means that the result is positive. If it is your case, seek medical attention immediately.

flowflex covid test invalid result

Invalid Test Result

The result can also be invalid, which is the case when the C-Line is not red. Even if the T-Line indicates a line, the results are still invalid, and you should redo the test following the correct instructions.

All the kit contents, including the buffer, tube, the uniquely comfortable swab that you use to get the nasal specimens, and the box that carries all these contents, are ideally designed. A manual with detailed instructions is also included for easy and practical use to guide you through the process. The tests were made with the users in mind; thus, they are comfortable and convenient for everyday use. In addition, the FlowFlex COVID test pack contains the following:

box of 25 Self-test kit contents

Individually Sealed Test Cassettes: 25

Individually Sealed Swab (2.5cm into the lower nostril): 25

Pre-filled Buffer Tube : 25

Instructions : 1

Storage of FlowFlex COVID-19 Self-Tests

You can store these COVID self-test kits at room temperature. You also can refrigerate them and keep them between 2-30°C. Ensure that the equipment remains sealed in its pouch until use. Always check the expiration date; it is usually in a sealed bag. If you are going to keep your tests in a refrigerator, ensure they are not frozen. To get your hands on these comfortable yet accurate COVID self-test kits from FlowFlex, visit HandStations and purchase them today.

HandStations aims to provide effective and high-quality products, including the best COVID self-testing kits on the market. Unlike other self-test kits, the FlowFlex rapid lateral kits are highly accurate and sensitive. They are also far more comfortable and non-invasive; administering them is pretty simple; you can have your results in relatively little time. In addition, it is also backed by the government and validated by Public Health England.

FlowFlex tests are made with a unique latest patented technology that surpasses that of other competitors, making them more accurate and reliable. The Porton Down Laboratory, run by the UK Government, reviews all lateral flow tests on behalf of the Health Care and Social Care department. They also approved the FlowFlex antigen tests and deemed them accurate in detecting the virus.

In terms of usability, everyone can use it. It only requires a simple 4-step process which is not as uncomfortable as other tests. For example, additional tests need you to insert swabs way up your nose, which many consider invasive. With the FlowFlex, it is only a few centimetres inside your nose. You also don’t have to keep off eating or drinking just before doing the test. Insert the swab about 2.5cm into your nose and then dip it in buffer solution. The process is so simple that the Austrian government approved it for use by children to self-test themselves in schools without needing the supervision of professional healthcare attendants. Check out more information on the FlowFlex self-test kits and other similar products by visiting the HandStations website.

TERMS:All persons intending to use The FlowFlex® Rapid Lateral Flow Test Kit must rely on their own knowledge and judgment in doing so. The testing kit has been approved for domestic use by non-healthcare professionals since 14th May 2021. The buyer is responsible for complying with applicable regulations governing the test and shall use it in accordance with applicable laws, including health and safety regulations, and in accordance with the instructions. HandStations (Hillside Commerce Ltd) will not be responsible for any incorrect use and expressly disclaims any liability from the use of the product, failure to follow instructions, or reliance on test results.

This item is exempt from our usual returns policy. This item is non-returnable or exchangeable.


FlowFlex Antigen Rapid Covid Tests

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