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FlowFlex COVID-19 Self-Test Individually Packed


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Flowflex Covid Test (self-testing) EXPIRY DATED OCTOBER 2025

The FlowFlex COVID Test is a UK-approved Rapid COVID-19 Lateral Flow Test Kit. The product uses the latest tech and is a nasal only swab test. This guarantees you high-accuracy, fast, and easy results.
Whether or not symptoms are evident, the Flowflex COVID Test is all you need to identify your family’s Sars-Cov-2 status. It is safe to use on kids as young as two years old. Take advantage of Flowflex’s convenience! To find out the FlowFlex Covid test price, follow this link and select the number of tests you need.+


trick-mark-iconU.K. Government Validated

trick-mark-iconCE Approved and ISO Certified


trick-mark-iconMHRA Registered

trick-mark-iconSelf-Test Approved

trick-mark-iconOne can use it with or without symptoms.

trick-mark-icon98.8% Accuracy

trick-mark-iconNasal Swab Test that is Simple to Use

trick-mark-icon2 Year Shelf Life

trick-mark-iconChildren as young as two years old may use it safely

trick-mark-iconResults In 15-minute turnaround


The test is currently supplied to The UK, German, Austrian, French and Spanish Governments, all UK airports, major airlines, pharmaceutical companies, corporates and distribution companies.


With FlowFlex COVID Test, you only receive one test per box, unlike practically every other test kit. However,
unlike the others, the FDA is confident enough in this one that it doesn’t recommend repeating the test after a few
days—unless you notice new symptoms.

FlowFlex Covid Test

With FlowFlex lateral flow test test, you only receive one test per box, unlike practically every other test kit. However,
unlike the others, the FDA is confident enough in this one that it doesn’t recommend repeating the test after a few
days—unless you notice new symptoms.

The FlowFlex Covid Test Kit – easy to use testing

normal covid 19 antigen test

Normal Test Kit

A normal antigen test kit goes
9-10cm swab into the nostril.

flowflex antigen test

The FlowFlex® Test Kit

The FlowFlex® lateral flow test kit goes only 2.5cm swab into the nostril.

FLOWFLEX CoVID test process

step 1


A nasal swab sample is collected either from the test subject by an adult caregiver or self.

flowflex covid test process


Check the extraction buffer tube before use to make sure the liquid level is within 2mm around the graduation line on the buffer tube. Insert the swab into a buffer tube. The swab containing cell samples should be stirred well and pressed to the bottom of the bottle.

flowflex covid test process step 3


The swab should be stirred well and the test cassette removed from the foil packaging.

flowflex covid test process step 4


3-4 drops of sample are dripped onto the test card. The result will be shown within 15 minutes.

Results Interpretation

The entire test time is a maximum of 15 minutes; the test results are interpreted as shown below.


If the Quality Control Line (C-Line) shows a red line, but there is no red line on the Test Line (T-Line), this result is NEGATIVE.

flow flex positive test


If both the C-Line and the T-Line shows a red line (even if it is faint), this result is POSITIVE.

flowflex covid test invalid result


If there is no red line on the C-Line, regardless of whether there is a line on the T-Line, this result is INVALID and another test has to be taken.

box of 1 SINGLE test kit contents

Individually Sealed Test Cassettes: 1

Individually Sealed Swab (2.5cm into the lower nostril): 1

Pre-filled Buffer Tube : 1

Instructions : 1

box of 240 test kit contents

Individually Sealed Test Cassettes: 240

Individually Sealed Swab (2.5cm into the lower nostril): 240

Pre-filled Buffer Tube : 240

Instructions: 240

STORAGE: The kit can be stored at room temperature. It can also be refrigerated between 2-30 degrees Celsius. The kit must remain in its sealed pouch until it is used. The lateral flow test must not be frozen and it must not be used beyond the expiration date printed on the sealed pouch. Two years shelf life.

At HandStations, we’re committed to sourcing the most effective and highest quality products for our customers, and that includes providing access to the best COVID testing products available on the market.

The FlowFlex® Rapid Lateral Flow Test Kit is a lateral flow test kit that’s highly accurate and sensitive. It’s a comfortable and non-invasive testing kit that’s backed by the government, easy to self-administer, and delivers results in as little as 15 minutes.
Validated by Public Health England, the FlowFlex antigen test uses the latest patented technology to offer results that are more accurate than other tests available on the market. The UK Government’s Porton Down Laboratory, which reviews all lateral flow tests for the Department of Health and Social Care, has validated this FlowFlex rapid test to have high accuracy at multiple viral loads.

Anybody can buy FlowFlex Covid test kit and easily use it thanks to the simple 4-step process that doesn’t require you to insert a swab too invasively up your nose as other tests do. You also don’t need to avoid eating or drinking 30 minutes before the test, either. You simply insert the swab 1-2cm into each of your nostrils before dipping it into the buffer solution. The FlowFlex covid test is in fact considered so easy to use that it has been approved by the Austrian government for children to self-test in schools without the supervision of healthcare professionals.

How to Use FlowFlex Covid Test

• Hands should be washed or disinfected. Before beginning the test, make sure they are dry.
• Pay attention to the guidelines.
• Check to see if you have everything you need in your kit. Examine the cassette foil pouch’s expiration
date. If the pouch is torn or open, do not use it.
• Locate the Result Window and Sample Well on the cassette by opening the pouch and looking inside.
Specimen Collection
Anyone over the age of 14 can acquire a nasal swab sample independently. An adult should test children aged 2 to
13 years.

FlowFlex COVID Test Procedure

1. Remove the top of the extraction buffer tube from the foil.
2. Create a tube holder by punching a hole in the perforated circle on the kit box. In the tube holder, put the tube. A tube holder is included in each 25-test-quantity kit box.
3. Remove the swab packaging from the stick end, not the swab end, and open it from the stick end. One must not touch the swab head.
4. Gently insert the swab head’s entire absorbent tip (12 to 34 of an inch) into one nostril. When swabbing a child’s nostril, the maximum depth of insertion into the nostril may be less than 34 of an inch, and a second person may be required to hold the child’s head while swabbing. If the nasal swab specimen is not properly collected, it may result in a false-negative result.
5. Gently rub the swab around the inside of the nostril five times in a circular motion. Collect the specimen in 15 seconds. Make sure to swab the swab with any nasal drainage present. Rep with the opposite nostril.
6. Immediately place the swab in the extraction buffer tube after removing it from the nostril. If the swab is added to the reagent solution after being stored at room temperature, test the samples immediately after collection and no later than one hour later.
7. Swirl the swab in the tube for 30 seconds after placing it in the tube. A false-negative result could occur if the swab isn’t swirled for at least 30 seconds.
8. While squeezing the tube, rotate the swab 5 times. If the swab is not rotated five times, a false negative result may result.
9. Squeeze the tube and pull the swab out. Throw away the cotton swab.
10. Secure the dropper tip to the tube with a strong grip. Swirl or flip the bottom of the tube to properly combine ingredients.
11. Squeeze the tube gently to release four drops of solution into the Sample Well. Throw away the tube. A false negative or incorrect result may occur if fewer than four droplets of fluid are put to the Sample Well.
12. Make a 15-minute timer. At 15 minutes, one should read the outcome. After 30 minutes, don’t read again. Throw away the test tape. If the test result is read before 15 minutes or after 30 minutes, it can have a false negative or positive result.

What Are the Potential Risks and Benefits of Flowflex Lateral Flow Test That Have Been Determined?

Here are some potential fears:
• There’s a chance you’ll be uncomfortable when getting the sample.
• Test results that may be inaccurate (see Result Interpretation section).
Among the possible advantages are:
• Together with other data, the findings may assist you and your healthcare practitioner in making
educated choices regarding your treatment.
• The findings of this test may aid in limiting the spread of COVID-19 among your family and neighbours.

What’s the Difference Between A Molecular and A FlowFlex Covid Test?

COVID-19 is subjected to a variety of tests. Molecular testing (also known as PCR tests) looks for the virus’s genetic
material. Like the Flowflex Lateral Flow Test, Antigen assays identify the virus’s proteins.
Lateral flow tests are highly specific for Sars-Cov-2. They are not as sensitive as molecular testing. A positive test is thus
quite accurate, while a negative result does not rule out infection. If your test is negative, talk to your doctor about
whether you need another molecular test and if you should keep isolating at home.

Is FlowFlex Covid Test Accurate?

In an all-comers, clinical study conducted between March 2021 and May 2021, the performance of the FlowFlex antigen test was established using 172 nasal swabs self-collected or pair-collected by another
study participant from 108 symptomatic patients suspected of COVID-19 and 64 asymptomatic patients. Within
two weeks after study participation, all participants were evaluated for COVID-19 symptoms.
Experts compared a molecular SARS-CoV-2 test approved by the FDA to the Flowflex COVID Test. The COVID-19
Antigen Home Test by Flowflex properly detected 93% of positive specimens and 100% of negative specimens.

What Happens If You Get A Yes?

A positive test result indicates the presence of COVID-19 antigens, indicating that you are most likely infected with
the virus. There’s a slight risk that this test may provide an incorrectly positive result (a false-positive result).
To prevent the virus from spreading to others, if you test positive, you should self-isolate at home, as
recommended by the CDC. Please see for the CDC’s instructions on self-isolation. Make
an appointment with your doctor right away for follow-up treatment.

FlowFlex COVID Test

Based on your test results, medical history, and symptoms, your healthcare professional will collaborate with you
to decide the best course of action for you.

What If You Get A Negative Result from Your Flowflex Covid Test?

A negative test result shows the absence of antigens for COVID-19. Negative findings are presumptive and may
need to be verified with a molecular test in certain patients with COVID-19. Even if the test comes back negative,
you might still have COVID-19.

If you test negative but still have fever, cough, or shortness of breath, consult your doctor very once. Your doctor
may recommend that you have a second self-testing to see whether you’ve been infected with the Sars-Cov-2. Don’t
hesitate to contact your healthcare practitioner if you have any concerns about your COVID-19 infection status or
believe you may need further testing.

TERMS:All persons intending to use The FlowFlex® Rapid Lateral Flow Test Kit must rely on their own knowledge and judgment in doing so. The testing kit has been approved for domestic use by non-healthcare professionals since 14th May 2021. The buyer is responsible for complying with applicable regulations governing the test and shall use it in accordance with applicable laws, including health and safety regulations, and in accordance with the instructions. HandStations (Hillside Commerce Ltd) will not be responsible for any incorrect use and expressly disclaims any liability from the use of the product, failure to follow instructions, or reliance on test results.

This item is exempt from our usual returns policy. This item is non-returnable or exchangeable.

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