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Surface & Hand Wipes

If you want to buy quality antibacterial hand wipes in the UK, visit Handstations UK and choose from the alcohol-free and alcohol-based wipes available.

Surface & Hand Wipes

When the Covid-19 pandemic became widespread, cleaning and disinfecting our homes became essential. Hand wipes, particularly antibacterial ones, are non-woven fabric soaked in solutions and designed to kill bacteria. They are similar to gels; they can be alcohol-based and alcohol-free.

Wet hand wipes can be effective but are not proper sanitisers. A good look at the ingredients and alcohol content can help determine their effectiveness. High alcohol content can kill bacteria. An excellent example of such a product is the 750ml Alcohol Surface Sanitiser from HandStations. Surface wipes and surface sanitiser spray can disinfect TV remotes, doorknobs, phones, counters, or other critical surfaces.

frequently asked questions

Are Antibacterial Hand Wipes Alcohol-Based?

Some of the antibacterial hand wipes in the UK are alcohol-based, while others are not. Alcohol hand wipes are usually the most effective for killing bacteria. The FDA recommends buying antibacterial hand wipes containing at least 60% alcohol.

However, there are other alcohol-free wet wipes such as the Sleepy Surface & Hand Wipes. These hand wipes use Benzalkonium chloride to kill germs. It's also great for wiping your face since it doesn’t have the pungent alcohol smell.

Are Antibacterial Hand Wipes Effective Against Coronavirus?

Unfortunately, most antibacterial hand wipes can only kill bacteria, not COVID-19 that is a virus; thus, in this case, using them might not be effective. However, it is important to read the label on the wipe. The label usually has information about which types of germs the wipe will eliminate and whether COVID-19 is among them. In addition, you can check out EPA-registered disinfectants used against COVID-19.

Can You Use Hand Sanitising Wipes for Your Face?

Yes, you can. However, you’ll have to use antibacterial wet wipes with aloe. Alcohol reacts harshly with the skin and dries the outer layer. This can lead to itchiness and burning sensations across your face if you use alcohol hand wipes to wipe your face.

Is Aloe Vera Included in Hand Wipes?

Hygiene is very crucial these days. Unfortunately, many hand wipes include endocrine disruptors, which are not safe for your face. A viable alternative to harmful ingredients is aloe vera. The following are some of its brief benefits:

1. Possesses powerful antioxidants
2. Protects against infections
3. A safer alternative
4. A great moisturiser

Aloe vera protects the skin against infections and is a natural moisturiser. The presence of polyphenols in aloe vera prevents the spread of germs. In addition, it provides essential nutrients and vitamins to your skin. The powerful antioxidants support healthy skin structure by encouraging the production of collagen that helps in keeping your skin safe from the adverse effects of excessive sun exposure and provides excellent elasticity.

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