Hand Sanitiser Refill 5 Litre, Available In Bulk

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Hand Sanitiser Refill 5 Litre, Available In Bulk

If you want to buy a bulk with 5l hand sanitiser, visit Handstations.co.uk to look through their alcohol-based and alcohol-free sanitisers.

Hand Sanitiser 5l Refill Hand Sanitiser Gel Bulk

During the COVID-19 pandemic, hand sanitisers became quite popular. Everyone wanted to keep their hands clean. Hand sanitisers contain rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) which dissolves protein layers of bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19. Therefore, the alcohol content should be high enough to kill the germs, at least 60% ethyl alcohol. Handstations.co.uk offers different types of sanitiser dispenser refills, including:

trick-mark-iconHand sanitiser gel (5 litres)

trick-mark-iconAlcohol liquid sanitisers

trick-mark-iconNilaqua, an alcohol-free sanitiser solution

All products from Handstations are of excellent quality and have safety and test sheets.

frequently asked questions

Can I Mix Two Different Types of Alcohol-Based Sanitiser Refills?

Mixing two incompatible products might result in adverse outcomes such as skin irritation and undesirable dispenser performance. The formula can also be questionable, especially if one of the sanitisers used is unsafe. The FDA guides how to develop, manufacture, and package hand sanitiser formulas. They ensure they are stable and won't have any adverse effects.

Can a Hand Sanitiser Refill be Used as a Surface Disinfectant?

Surface disinfectants usually undergo more thorough EPA testing to ensure they are more effective than sanitisers. Hand sanitisers kill pathogens on the skin, while surface disinfectants kill bacteria and viruses on surfaces. Both have different regulators; hand sanitisers are regulated by the FDA, whereas the EPA regulates surface disinfectants.

Can Hand Sanitisers be Used to Disinfect Wounds?

Hand sanitisers contain germicidal agents that are unsuitable for open wounds. Alcohol, when used on open wounds, has the potential to kill healthy cells inside and cause more damage. In addition, it can be harsh if it comes in contact with the eyes. It can even cause skin irritation if one has a sensitive skin.

What Is the Difference Between Alcohol-Free and Alcohol-Based Refills?

Alcohol-based hand sanitisers, such as the Handstations Hand sanitiser 5l, contain more than 65% alcohol to kill harmful germs and viruses on hands and leave them clean and refreshed. Some alcohol-based sanitisers have different fragrance flavours.

On the other hand, alcohol-free sanitisers, such as the Nilaqua 5l hand sanitiser, contain benzalkonium, an ammonium compound that reduces microbes on your skin. These sanitisers have advantages such as being non-flammable, allergen-free, and not leaving oil residues on your skin. Nevertheless, alcohol-based sanitisers are more effective than alcohol-free ones and offer better antibacterial protection; that is why most healthcare associations prefer them.

Note: Despite the importance of using sanitisers in our daily lives, don't forget that you shouldn't neglect your health during a Pandemic. Therefore, consider purchasing a quality rapid Covid-19 tests, such as the FlowFlex COVID-19 Self-Test or the Healgen Rapid Covid-19 Antigen Self-Test, which you can find on our website.

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