Hughes Healthcare Rapid Antigen Test Kits for Covid-19



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Authorised by MHRA for Home Testing.


Here is a link to a video explaining how simple it is to administer this home Covid test kit.

Hughes Healthcare Rapid Nasal Antigen Covid Test. The test is currently supplied to UK, German, Austrian, French and Spanish Governments, all UK airports, major airlines, pharmaceutical companies, corporates and distribution companies.
Further, at the world famous Porton Down laboratory, the Hughes Healthcare test successfully passed stage 2 with 100% accuracy across the viral load ranges tested at the laboratory and more recently, passed through stage 3a, where it successfully picked up all current known variants of Covid.

Porton Down also noted our test as the easiest to use as our vials come prefilled with solution versus all other tests where the vials come empty and need to be manually filled. The test is CE marked and MHRA registered and is also registered with the FDA and WHO pending emergency use approval.

As a nasal test, it is far more comfortable than other rapid tests (Nasopharyngeal or Oropharyngeal) as the swab is administered just inside the nostril as opposed to Nasopharyngeal, which is right up through the top of the nose and Oropharyngeal which is down the throat. Both of the latter tests need to be administered by a Health Care Professional whereas, our test is capable of being self- administered once appropriate training has been given.

For example, our test can be sold from behind the counter of a pharmacy, provided suitable instruction is given at the point of sale on how to administer the test. We are hopeful that our test will be approved for home use in a matter of weeks.

Tests are available in single test kits or boxes of 25

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