HandStation Eco Stainless Wall Mounted Automatic Touch Free Hand Sanitiser System – Gel Dispenser


The HandStation Eco Hand Sanitiser System Gel dispenser. This Wall Mounted System is perfect for Bathrooms.

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HandStation Eco Stainless Steel Wall mounted hand sanitiser gel dispenser.


This HandStation touch-free gel dispenser allows you to operate without touching it, thereby reducing the risk of spreading germs through cross-contamination. It is an environmentally friendly and long-lasting product that will benefit your day-to-day usage.

Furthermore, this touch-free hand sanitiser is the most hygienic dispenser solution you will come across. Its featured sight window allows easy checking of the level for a refill whenever necessary.

The Handstation Eco stainless dispenser is ideal for liquid soap and 70 to 80% ethanol-based alcohol gels. It is designed using high-quality stainless steel and features a keyed system that helps in reducing pilferage.


  • A stylish design to add to your work or business place aesthetics
  • Prevention of cross-contamination thanks to the touch-free nature of the dispenser
  • There’s a window for visibility of the gel level
  • It packs four AA batteries that serve as a power source
  • Includes a safety lock and infrared sensor
  • An impressive capacity of 1200ml with a refillable tank
  • It is CE certified


  • The package includes one litre of 70% Hand Sanitizer Gel and batteries to help you get started.
  • It is easy to use, with features such as the smart gel dispensing system that guarantees accurate quantities each time you use it. All you need to do is place the hand below the sensor, and it outputs an instant and fast dose.
  • Hygienic operation since it is touchless, thereby reducing germs spread
  • For your safety, the dispenser is certified by CE/ROHS/FCC and works exclusively with laboratory-certified antiviral, antibacterial, yeasticidal, medical grade, or mycobactericidal sanitisers.
  • Easy refill since the gel dispenser utilizes a cartridge system where changing the cartridge takes only seconds. You will not have to worry about contamination or spillage again.

Meets the requirements

Certified and Tested

  • EN1500: test for the efficacy of hygienic handrubs
  • EN 1276: Food preparation and hospitality industry test for chemical disinfectant effectiveness
  • EN13624: Test for minimum yeasticidal or fungicidal activity requirement for antiseptic and chemical disinfectants
  • EN13627: Test for the characteristic of structures used for operator safety from localised impact penetration

2 Year

Power Source

4x AA Alkaline Batteries (Included)

Refilable Tank Capacity


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HandStation ECO CE Certificate


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