Omnitex Face Masks

For quality masks that protect you from toxic environments and situations, go for the Omnitex face mask FFP2, designed for comfort and easy breathability.

Omnitex Face Masks

Omnitex has established itself as one of the best providers of protective products like face masks, Shoe covers, Aprons, gloves, and mob caps. They have extended their provision of high-quality products in producing the Omnitex premium FFP2 face masks available in white, black, and pink. The well-designed mask will give you maximum protection courtesy of the five-layered design. Moreover, these masks are also perfect for severe environments and regular daily use. The Omnitex face mask FFP2 is also designed for comfort and easy breathability.

The Best Features of the Omnitex FFP2 Face Mask


The Omnitex Face mask FFP2 features effective particulate filtration courtesy of the five-layered construction. They have excellent adaptability, can be used in high-risk environments, and hold up in everyday use. The Omnitex FFP2 masks are comfortable, efficient and highly reliable. In addition, they repel aerosols that have infectious respiratory pathogens, offering high levels of protection.


They are fluid resistant with high BFE and have a high level of filtration and 1.9 mbar inhalation resistance. You get 20 individually wrapped masks for hygienic transportation and a comfortable fit when you purchase the box. There are five mask extenders. The masks have a contoured shape to fit just right.


There is also an adjustable nose clip to allow for comfortable breathing. When putting it on, stretch out the loops for a comfortable fit. You can also use the provided mask extenders for added comfort. Finally, if you are not a fan of white, there is the Omnitex FFP2 black face mask which looks just good.


The Omnitex face mask UK meets the FFP2 European regulation standards and is CE certified. These masks should be stored in cool and dry environments, preferably at +20°C to 40°C, with a humidity of less than 80%. Keep them away from dirt, moisture or any aggressive chemicals. The Omnitex FFP2 masks have a shelf life of around three years and are a maintenance-free and disposable product.

What Is High-Level Filtration?

The Omnitex FFP2 face mask has high filtration rates, around 98.37%, with the requirement of at least 94%. It comes with a five-layer high-density filtration. For comfortable breathing, the inhalation resistance is at 1.9 mbar as opposed to the requirement, which is not more than 2.4 mbar resistance.

The 5-layer high-density filtration includes:

1. A piece of non-woven fabric is the first layer to prevent odour and protection from dust or any other harmful particles you are likely to encounter in daily activities.

2. The second layer is melt blown and strengthens the fine particles filtration. Due to their delicate nature, anything past the first layer will not get past this layer.

3. The hot air cotton is responsible for effective particle filtration of less than or equal to 0.3 micrometres.

4. It is then followed by a melt-blown layer for effective FFP2 level filtration.

5. Finally, the last layer consists of a non-woven fabric that is skin-friendly, breathable and moisture-proof.

frequently asked questions

How Many Omnitex Masks Are There in One Box?

The Omnitex mask box has 20 individually wrapped masks and 5 ear loop extenders. Each mask is wrapped to allow for hygienic storage and transportation. The ear loop extenders allow easy fitting at the back of the head.

Are Omnitex Face Masks Hypoallergenic?

Yes, Omnitex face masks are both fluid resistant and hypoallergenic. As a result, they are relatively unlikely to cause allergic reactions.

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