FlowFlex Antigen Rapid Covid Tests

In this time of uncertainty, you have to ensure you and your family’s health. When in doubt, use a Flowflex COVID test to guarantee everyone’s safety.

FlowflexAntigen Rapid Covid Tests

Performing self-tests in the comfort of your home is now easier than ever. This latest rapid antigen test is relatively easy to do on your own and is safe even for children 2 years of age. Flowflex™ COVID-19 Antigen Home Test kits are currently available in three variants:

Flowflex COVID test

Individually Packed

Flowflex COVID test

Packs of 5

Flowflex COVID test

Packs of 25

ou may also check Flowflex COVID test price for bulk orders here.

For individuals who will be going on a trip, the Flowflex Fit To Fly Test is available, as well. It is used in tandem with the CertiFly app to receive immediate approval for your upcoming flight.

How Does a Lateral Flow Test Work?

The Flowflex COVID test is a housed cassette that consists of:

trick-mark-iconConjugate pad

trick-mark-iconNitrocellulose membrane

trick-mark-iconColoured labels or latex nanoparticles


First off, the nasal swab is mixed in with the buffer to create the sample. The test sample is introduced to the conjugate pad, where it is filtered and absorbed to control the flow of the sample in the test kit.

Then, the sample flows into the part of the pad which houses the coloured labels and antibodies. If the target analyte is present, the labels, and antibodies will latch on to the analyte and the test line (T-Line) will produce a strip of colour.

Depending on the amount of target analyte present, the T-line will appear darker or lighter. If there are no analytes present, then a line will not emerge. A waiting time of about 15 minutes is needed to see the results on this part of the strip.

After that, the sample flows further into the pad and reaches the nitrocellulose membrane, which contains binding agents. Once the sample reaches this section, the binding agents will bond with it and create a coloured strip on the control line (C-Line). This indicates that the test strip has been used properly, and every component is in good working order.

It commonly takes about 15 minutes for a full flow test procedure to be finished. After enough time has elapsed, take a look at the test cassette to see the results.








see result

trick-mark-iconTwo lines, a line on both the test line (T-Line) and control line (C-Line), indicate a POSITIVE result.

trick-mark-iconIf only one line appears at the C-Line, then the result is NEGATIVE.

trick-mark-iconIf only one line appears at the T-Line, then the test is considered INVALID. A new test is needed to be performed to determine the correct result.

How Accurate Are Flowflex Lateral Flow Tests?

Accurate detection is of utmost importance for early intervention. Our Flowflex rapid test kit has been proven effective and is at 98.9% accuracy. This is based on a clinical study conducted last March 2021 to May 2021.

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has given its approval to our test kits. The FDA is also confident in its accuracy that only one test is needed in a kit, unlike in other brands of test kits.

To achieve the best results, the test should be administered during the first week of experiencing symptoms.

The Flowflex antigen test will produce a coloured strip along the test line (T-Line) when the sample is positive for COVID-19. It does not matter whether the line is strong or rather faint. As long as a line is present there, then the individual is a carrier of COVID-19 antigens.

A false-negative or false-positive result may sometimes occur. However, chances are quite slim. A retest may be performed after a few days to ensure accurate results. Once the test cassette shows a positive result, please practice social distancing and immediately reach out to your healthcare provider for assistance.

What Is a Lateral Flow Immunoassay?

A lateral flow immunoassay is a simple device used to detect the presence or absence of an analyte. Common target analytes include pathogens, contaminants, and biomarkers. The popular lateral flow immunoassay most people are familiar with is the rapid pregnancy test.

Another type of lateral flow rapid test is the Flowflex antigen test. It is used to diagnose the presence of COVID-19 antigens or pathogens.

Buy Flowflex COVID test for your family’s safety and your peace of mind. It is simple and easy to use, according to Flowflex COVID test review.

frequently asked questions

Should a person continue lateral flow testing after they’ve received the COVID-19 vaccine?

No, a test is not needed for vaccinated individuals. Only those who have symptoms are required to be tested.

Can a Flowflex lateral flow test show if the person has previously had COVID-19?

No, the Flowflex COVID test cannot tell if a person has been infected in the past. Molecular tests (a.k.a. PCR tests) are needed for this.

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