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Omnitex FFP2 Filtering Face Masks (Black)

The Omnitex FFP2 black face mask offers maximum protection in high-risk environments and is also comfortable, making it ideal for everyday use. Therefore, if you are showing COVID 19 symptoms and want to protect your loved ones or simply need to protect yourself, this is an ideal mask.

This Omnitex black face mask features hydrophobic material that repels aerosols and other harmful pathogens that cause respiratory complications and many other issues. The mask is effective, breathable, reliable, and ultra-comfortable. 

Each mask offers five layers of a high-density bacterial filtration system. Moreover, there is a non-woven fabric for preventing harmful particles, melt brown that strengthens filtration of the harmful particles, hot air cotton for effective particle filtration, melt brown offering FFP2 level filtration, and a non-woven fabric that is gentle on the skin. 

There are many other comfort features, such as their contoured shape for a snug fit and an easy-to-adjust nose clip. You’ll also find a nose underwire that adapts the masks to any face type. This fluid repellent mask consists of a high BFE for effective respiratory tract against solid or liquid particles. 

The Omnitex FFP2 Face mask black package consists of 20 masks that are black and each individually wrapped, making it easier and hygienic to transport and store. Always ensure that you store them in a clean and dry space. There are also 5 mask extenders available for generating a more comfortable fit. All the available options are hypo-allergic, meaning they cause no reactions or effects when you have them on. 

All these features and the elastic bands combine to create comfortable and effective protective gear. According to customer reviews, these products are among the best in the market. In addition, they have a maximum lifespan of 3 years, the exact expiry dates are indicated on the pack, and this is more than enough time. 

Furthermore, these Omnitex Black Face Masks meet the FFP2 European Regulation standards and are satisfied. Therefore, there you are guaranteed maximum protection when wearing them.


Can Omnitex Black Face Masks Be Reused? 

No, the Omnitex FFP2 Masks have an NR marking that indicates that they are disposable and not reusable.

Do Omnitex Face Mask Protect from Covid-19?

Yes! These masks, together with other COVID-19 preventive measures, such as handwashing, getting vaccinated, and social distancing, can help slow and prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

healgen antigen test

trick-mark-iconMeets FFP2 European Regulation Standards EN149:2001+A1:2009, CE Certified.

trick-mark-icon5 Layers of high density filtration.

trick-mark-iconBlack Colour. With Ear Loops and Integrated Nose Bridge.

trick-mark-iconBox Contains 20 Masks (Individually Wrapped) and 5 Mask Extenders for a more comfortable fit.

trick-mark-iconFluid Resistant, Hypoallergenic.

trick-mark-iconHigh Level Filtration of atleast 98.37% (requirement is atleast 94%). Comfortable Breathing – Inhalation Resistance is 1.9 mbar (requirement is not more than 2.4 mbar resistance).


Each mask comes individually wrapped for hygenic transportation and storage. Each box also comes complete with earloop extenders to enable fitting around the back of the head.

Features and Advantages of Omnitex Black Face Masks

5 layers of filtration

Fluid repellent with high BFE

Adjustable nose clip for comfortable breathing

Countered design for a snug fit


Individually wrapped

5 layer high density filtration

Layer 1: Non-Woven Fabric
Prevents dust, odour and other harmful particles.

Layer 2: Melt Blown
Strengthens the filtration of fine particles.

Layer 3: Hot Air Cotton
Effective filtration of particles ≤ 0.3 µm.

Layer 4: Melt Blown
Effective FFP2 level flitration.

Layer 5: Non-Woven Fabric
Skin friendly, moisture proof and breathable.

quick guide

Stretch the loops before wearing for a comfortable fit

Alternatively please use the mask extender provided for added comfort

Each mask comes individually wrapped for hygenic transportation and storage. Each box also comes complete with earloop extenders to enable fitting around the back of the head.

In Box Content:

– Individually wrapped mask: 20
– Earloop extender: 5

Transport and Storage conditions:

– Store in a cool & dry place (+20 °C to +40 °C; <80% humidity).
– Protect from the effects of aggressive chemicals, moisture and dirt.
– Disposable product – maintenance free.
– Shelf life 3 years.

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Omnitex Face Masks

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