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STERASPACE washrom plus Air Purifier & Surface Sanitiser


Shown to kill 99.6% of surface microorganisms and 98.11% of airborne microorganisms.

Kills bacteria, mould, viruses, and fungi to keep you from getting sick.

Gets rid of smoke, pollen, pollution, and unpleasant smells.

Effective space protection available all year round.

Numerous units are available to accommodate rooms and areas reaching 80M².

Energy-saving and affordable to run.

Approved by health officials in the UK.

The SteraSpace Washroom+ Air Purifier is cutting-edge technology for filtering the air to remove deadly viruses and bacteria that can generate unpleasant odours, foster the formation of mould, and lead to the accumulation of harmful organic compounds across a variety of surfaces.

This is especially important in public areas like restrooms and bathrooms, where foul odours make customers and employees think you don’t value their health and cleanliness. The SteraSpace Washroom+ Air Purifier and Surface Sanitiser is ideal for all heavily used public and commercial restrooms with at least 1,000 visits per day.

One of the worst and most disruptive pandemics in recent history, COVID-19, is currently sweeping across the globe, and you simply cannot afford to ignore it. To improve the cleanliness of your property, you should take all the necessary measures. A SteraSpace Air Purifier can assist with this. If you are worried that you or someone you know already has the virus, you can buy FlowFlex Covid-19 test or the Healgen rapid Covid-19 antigen self-test. These are lateral flow tests that produce optimal results in less than 15 minutes. When you buy lateral flow tests, you can be sure of safety and accuracy.

SteraSpace is an affordable air and surface sanitizer (as low as £17 per year*) designed for 24/7 usage in occupied confined spaces. Energy efficiency is ensured around the clock. It’s a compact, noiseless machine that has been shown to eliminate 99.6% of surface viruses and bacteria and 98.1% of germs in the air, making it ideal for use in public spaces like toilets and locker rooms. In addition to removing these potentially harmful bacteria, it also does a great job of getting rid of any lingering odours, smoke, pollution, and pollen.

*Estimation based on using the SteraSpace Washroom+ Air Purifier and Surface Sanitiser for 24 hours at 33 watts at the average cost of electricity in the UK. Running larger models will cost more money.

available sizes

PCA-20 20m²

PCA-30 30m²

PCA-30X 30m²

PCA-40X 40m²

Residential care homes, hospital guestrooms, dentist offices, barbershops, hairstylists, retail changing rooms, restaurants, businesses, and even private residences are just some of the places where SteraSpace would be useful. It’s a tried-and-true method that doesn’t make much noise and doesn’t need much in the way of upkeep (just one light swap per year).

How It Works

The SteraSpace Washroom+ Air Purifier is effective because it uses cutting-edge technology to generate a stream of disinfecting plasma, which has been demonstrated to eradicate 99.6% of surface pollutants and bacteria and 98.11% of those in the air. When used together, the technologies of Germicidal Irritation, Photocatalytic Disinfection (PCD), and Dual Waveband UV generate a plasma of disinfecting superoxide ions, ozone, and hydroxy radicals that destroy bacteria, fungi, and odours.

1. Contaminated air in.

2. Internal Technologies (Photocatalytic Disinfection (PCD), Germicidal Irritation, and Dual waveband UV technologies).

3. Transmitted Technologies (Superoxide Ions, Targeted Ozone and Purified Air).

SteraSpace emits a field of energy using this technology that is 10,000 times stronger than sunlight and 157% more potent than hydrogen peroxide. Furthermore, it is 206% more potent than chlorine. Due to the fact that no UV light can escape from the device at any angle, it is completely safe to mount it anywhere in a room. You can use this without worrying because it has all been approved and validated by public health labs in the UK.

Modern air purification systems from SteraSpace enhance customer and guest satisfaction and prolong the life of upholstered furniture without the need for chemicals like air fresheners, which some might not like.

Choose Product / Room Size:

SteraSpace PCA-20 20m2, SteraSpace PCA-30 30m2, SteraSpace PCA-30X 30m2, SteraSpace PCA-40X 40m2

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