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STERASPACE 80 Air Purifier & Surface Sanitiser


Proven to be 98.1% effective against airborne bacteria and 99.6% effective against surface germs.

Destroys pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria, mould, viruses, and fungi.

Reduces or eliminates smoke, pollen, pollution, and offensive odours.

24/7/365 availability of protection in enclosed spaces.

Variety of options available for rooms and spaces reaching 80M².

The energy consumption is low.

Approved by UK health authorities.

The SteraSpace 80 Air Purifier is one of the most cutting-edge technologies for filtering the air and removing unwanted viruses and bacteria that can cause unpleasant odours, mould formation, and the buildup of harmful organic compounds on surfaces.

It is excellent for medium to large continuous-use spaces like changing rooms, kitchens and food preparation facilities, care facility lounges, corridors, and reception areas. This device is especially important because foul odours can give customers and employees the impression that you don’t value their health.

With the world currently dealing with COVID-19, one of the most significant and disruptive pandemics in recent times, good hygiene is of the utmost importance. Hence, it is vital to make an effort to improve the cleanliness of your surrounding. SteraSpace air purifiers can help with this process.

COVID-19 is not something to take lightly. So, if you want to test for the virus, you should buy FlowFlex rapid Covid-19 test or Healgen antigen test. You can find these lateral flow tests in Bristol or anywhere else in the UK.

SteraSpace is a low-cost sanitiser designed for permanent installation in occupied buildings (as low as £42 per year*). Protection is provided on an ongoing, year-round, and energy-saving basis. This device, which is small and silent, can eliminate 99.6% of surface bacteria and viruses and 98.11% of germs in the air, making it an effective air purifier for public spaces such as bathrooms and workplace kitchenettes. These dangerous germs are removed from the air using this equipment. Furthermore, it eliminates foul odours, smog, pollen, and smoke.

*This calculation was based on a SteraSpace 80 model running at 33 watts for 24 hours using standard UK electricity prices. The cost of operating a bigger model may be higher.

available sizes

PMA-20 20m²

PMA-40 40m²

PMA-60 60m²

PMA-80 80m²

Various places with a need for air purity, such as hospital bedrooms, workspaces, restaurants, homes, and more, are a few spaces that could benefit from SteraSpace. The device is tested and trusted with little to no noise and minimal maintenance (it simply requires one lamp swap yearly).

How It Works

The SteraSpace 80 Air Purifier, which combines cutting-edge technology, produces a stream of disinfecting plasma that has proven to eliminate 99.6% of the surface and 98.11% of airborne contaminants and pathogens, respectively.

The combination of  Dual Waveband UV, Photocatalytic Disinfection (PCD), and Germicidal Irritation technology produces a plasma of superoxide ions, hydroxy radicals, and customised ozone that kill bacteria, odours, and moulds.

1. Contaminated air in.

2. Internal Technologies (Photocatalytic Disinfection (PCD), Germicidal Irritation, and Dual waveband UV technologies).

3. Transmitted Technologies (Superoxide Ions, Targeted Ozone and Purified Air).

SteraSpace’s energy field is 10,000 times more strong than the sun’s. Furthermore, its technology makes it 157% and 206% stronger than hydrogen peroxide and chlorine, respectively. Since the product is designed to block radiation from all directions, you can place it wherever in the room without fear of UV light leaking out. The device has been tested, confirmed, and authorised for use in the United Kingdom by public health labs, indicating that they are safe and effective to use there.

SteraSpace offers outstanding air purification, which ensures clients and visitors are pleased and elongates the lifespan of furniture without using certain chemicals, which some find irritating.

Choose Product / Room Size:

SteraSpace PMA-20 20m2, SteraSpace PMA-40 40m2, SteraSpace PMA-60 60m2, SteraSpace PMA-80 80m2

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