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STERASPACE 80 Air Purifier & Surface Sanitiser


Proven to kill 98.11% of Airborne and
99.6% of surface Microorganisms.

Controls infection by killing
Bacteria, Viruses, Mould and Fungi.

Removes Odours, Pollen,
Pollution and Smoke.

24/7/365 effective protection
in confined spaces.

A choice of multiple units to
fit rooms and spaces up to 80m².

Energy-efficient and
cheap to operate.

Approved by
UK Public Health Officials.

The SteraSpace 80 Air Purifier is one of the most advanced technologies for filtering the air around to get rid of harmful bacteria and viruses which can create bad odours, allow mould to develop, and let harmful organic compounds build up all over surfaces. This is especially important in areas like washrooms and bathrooms where bad odours can create the perception and illusion of poor hygiene among your customers and employees, something which reflects badly on your business. In a world that’s currently amidst one of the most significant and disruptive pandemics in recent history, COVID-19, this isn’t something you can stand for. You need to be doing all that you can to improve both actual and perceived hygiene on your premises, and this is where technology like SteraSpace air purifiers come in.

SteraSpac is an air and surface sanitiser that has been specifically designed for continuous operation in occupied enclosed spaces to offer 24/7/365 energy-efficient protection for as little as £23 per year*. It’s a small, sleek bit of kit that operates without making any noise at all and is proven to kill 98.11% of airborne microorganisms and 99.6% of surface microorganisms like bacteria and viruses, thereby purifying the air and acting as a powerful control method for spaces like toilets, washrooms, and office kitchenettes. Not only does it kill these harmful microorganisms but it also removes odour, pollen, pollution, and smoke from the air.

*Calculation based on continuous 24-hour use of the SteraSpace 20 model at 18 watts using standard UK electricity rates. Larger models will cost more to operate.

available sizes

PMA-20 20m²

PMA-40 40m²

PMA-60 60m²

PMA-80 80m²

Because it’s a quiet, proven technology that’s hassle and maintenance-free, requiring only one lamp change annually, SteraSpace is suitable for use in a range of industries where air purity is a concern, such as Residential care homes, Hospital bedrooms, Dentist offices, Barbers & Hairdressers, Retail changing rooms, Cafes, Bars & Restaurants, Offices and even Private homes.

How It Works

SteraSpace 80 works by combining advanced technology to produce a flow of disinfecting plasma that has been shown to eliminate 98.11% of airborne contaminants and microorganisms and 99.6% of surface contaminants and microorganisms. A combination of Photocatalytic Disinfection (PCD), Germicidal Irritation, and Dual waveband UV technologies produce a plasma of targeted ozone, superoxide ions, and hydroxy radicals that eliminate microorganisms, mould, and odours.

1. Contaminated air in.

2. Internal Technologies (Photocatalytic Disinfection (PCD), Germicidal Irritation, and Dual waveband UV technologies).

3. Transmitted Technologies (Superoxide Ions, Targeted Ozone and Purified Air).

This technology makes SteraSpace 206% more powerful than chlorine and 157% more powerful than hydrogen peroxide, with the energy field emitted being 10,000 times more powerful than natural sunlight. UV light cannot escape from the unit from any angle, making it completely safe for mounting anywhere in a room. All of this has been tested, confirmed, and approved by UK public health laboratories, and as such it is cleared for safe and effective use throughout the UK.

By providing advanced air purification, SteraSpace reduces employee absenteeism, provides a better experience for customers and visitors, and also cleans deep into fabrics and prolongs the life of soft furnishings, eliminating the need to use masking agents such as air fresheners which can be irritating to some people.

Choose Product / Room Size:

SteraSpace PMA-20 20m2, SteraSpace PMA-40 40m2, SteraSpace PMA-60 60m2, SteraSpace PMA-80 80m2



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