The Benefits of Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

The Benefits of Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

Our hands may be crucial for, well, everything, but they’re a huge vector for the transmission of many disease-causing pathogens such as viruses and some (but not all) bacteria. And the fact that most work facilities such as toilets, seating areas, cafeterias. meeting rooms, and even desks in shared co-working or hot-desking offices means that there is a greater chance of transmission between colleagues, even with the best office cleaning regime.

That’s why if you operate or provide a work facility to employees, or indeed any sort of facility that is accessible to a large number of people or the public in general such as a restaurant or bar, you should be addressing this problem. This is especially true now that we’re over the hill in regard to the coronavirus pandemic and many people are returning to offices, bars, restaurants, and other shared spaces for the first time in months.

One way that you can seek to do this is with the introduction of automatic hand sanitiser dispensers. These have several far-reaching benefits that include:

Higher frequency of use

With an automated hand sanitiser dispenser, people naturally be more encouraged to make use of it. This is because automatic sanitiser dispensers are seen as more convenient, and it’s human nature to take advantage of convenience.

In contrast to manually operated dispensers which are seen as tedious, automatic sanitiser dispensers are far more likely to be used and this increases the number of people who clean their hands. This, in turn, reduces the risk of transmission between those using the space.

More hygienic

Automated hand sanitiser dispensers are far more hygienic than manually operated options. That’s because manually operated dispensers require direct contact, usually with the hands, each time that somebody needs to use them. With an automatic hand sanitiser dispenser, there is zero contact, and this further reduces the risk of disease-causing pathogens from passing from one person or surface to another.

Although it’s true that someone touching a manually operated dispenser will be sanitising their hands, the pathogens present on the dispenser’s controls can accidentally pass to things like shirt cuffs, watches, and jewellery on the wrist. Given that COVID-19 has been proven to live on surfaces for several days, this is something you want to avoid.

Less waste

With automatic hand sanitiser dispensers, the amount of hand sanitiser that is dispensed each time is exactly the same. This is much more economical and leads to less waste in contrast to manually operated sanitiser dispensers. With an automatic hand sanitiser dispenser, the amount of sanitiser you’d get through in one day with a manual one could last you two, three, or four times longer! That’s a lot of money in the long run.

Unfortunately, the mantra “less is more” doesn’t seem to be on the minds of people when they’re using sanitiser. After all, people are trying to sanitise their hands and they innocently think that using more sanitiser is more hygienic, when in fact it’s purely wasteful.

Lots of options available

There are lots of different options available when you’re looking for an automatic dispenser. Both free-standing and wall-mounted solutions are available, and they come in various shapes and sizes, so you’ll always be able to find one that fits the amount of space you’ve got available.

Plus, with all dispensers bought from HandStations, you get a two-year guarantee. We’ve even got desktop dispensers available, a discreet and versatile hand sanitising solution for the office environment where you want to encourage all employees to sanitise their hands regularly and conveniently.

Learn more about our automatic hand sanitiser dispensers

Want to find out more about the range of automatic hand sanitiser dispensers and other products that we’ve got? Contact a HandStations representative today!

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