Implement a Hand Hygiene Solution at Your Office

Implement a Hand Hygiene Solution at Your Office

To say that hand hygiene has never been more important than it is now would be a massive understatement. Regularly cleaning your hands with soap and water and sanitising them with hand sanitiser dramatically reduces the risk of both catching and spreading illness and disease such as coronavirus.

Despite the seismic shift to home-based and remote working due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many organisations are starting to prep their employees for re-entry to the office environment. And although employees’ willingness to return to the office varies from business to business, one thing is clear: Germs and illnesses can still spread even in an office environment or workspace where numbers are restricted, people are distanced, and current guidelines are being followed.  

As a result, there’s always something that business owners and leaders can be doing to make their office or workspace more ‘COVID-safe’, and one of those things is the implementation of a hand hygiene solution and an overarching policy.

Why is a hand hygiene solution necessary?

During any given workday, employees use their hands for all sorts. Although they’re no longer shaking hands (or at least they shouldn’t be!), they’re still opening doors, visiting bathrooms, preparing food in common areas, using the printers, answering the phones, and using their computers. All of these activities expose hands to harmful germs and bacteria.

Given that workers spend a significant portion of their time in the office Monday through Friday, coupled with the fact that many people will come into work even when they’re sick to keep on top of their workload, it makes the office environment and most other workspaces a hotbed for viruses, illnesses, and disease.

That’s why a hand hygiene solution is important. A well thought out and enforced hand hygiene policy can dramatically reduce absenteeism and make the office environment a much safer and more pleasant to spend 35-40+ hours of the week.

And although washing your hands with soap and water remains the best way to ensure that hands are properly cleaned and free of germs, it’s not always a viable or convenient option. However, there is a solution that is: Hand sanitiser and hand sanitiser dispensers. According to the World Health Organization, hand sanitiser is one of the best tools available for keeping the germs on our hands under control and preventing the spread of germs and disease.

By placing hand sanitiser in the right places throughout the office, you’ll encourage employees to improve their hand hygiene and make the office a more pleasant and safer working environment.

Good locations for hand sanitiser

The best way to remind your employees to use hand sanitiser is by making it accessible. You also want to make sure that there’s hand sanitiser within easy reach and sight wherever you are in the office.

Entrances and exits

Just one door handle could potentially be the cause of widespread illness in the office. Research has shown that within just two-to-four hours, a virus placed on a door handle was picked up by almost 60 percent of the people who used it. So, by having hand sanitiser near to your entrances and exits, you reduce the chance of viruses and bacteria from getting onto the door handle in the first place. And even if it does, it’ll be killed when the user sanitises their hands.

Communal areas

Most offices have break rooms and kitchenettes where employees can prepare their lunch or make beverages throughout the day. And if food or drink is consumed with germ-ridden hands, these can enter the body and cause all kinds of problems, including respiratory diseases like COVID-19. However, alcohol-based hand sanitiser has been shown to kill most viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19, so having these in your communal areas is a must.

Employees’ desks

Desks, computer keyboards, laptops, phones, and computer mice are key touchpoints that give germs a perfect opportunity to spread because so many people touch them so often. Considering that employees spend a lot of time at their desks (with many opting to eat their lunch at them) working, coughing, and sneezing, desks become a minefield of bacteria and viruses which can live there for several days. But by placing desktop hand sanitisers on all employee desks, you encourage regular sanitising which mitigates the risk.

High traffic areas

Providing hand sanitiser in high traffic areas like meeting rooms, by printers and photocopiers, and outside of bathrooms gives employees more opportunities to sanitise their hands. It also improves your image should you have any visitors who need to use your office’s facilities.

Hand sanitiser solutions for the office

At Hand Sanitiser Station, we provide a range of hand sanitiser dispenser and hand sanitiser dispensers for the office and other commercial environments. These include wall-mounted, free-standing, and desktop dispensers, along with alcohol-based and alcohol-free hand sanitiser gels.

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