Antibody Test Price

Antibody Test Price

An antibody test is done to see if a patient has been previously infected with COVID-19 by locating detectable antibodies to the virus. These tests are usually carried out in a lab, but you can choose to take the blood sample at home and send it to a third-party lab. However, most people do not know how much they cost and what affects their prices. So, what is the COVID antibody test price? 

How Much Does an Antibody Test Cost?

The antibody test price varies from brand to brand and antibody testing service providers. For example, conducting a test at Bupa costs £40. This price includes the cost of booking an appointment, taking the test, collecting results, and receiving follow-up advice.

Another option is Monitor My Health (run by the NHS), where you can buy a COVID-19 antibody test for £37. When you place an order for the test, the organization will send you the kit and have you collect the sample yourself. After sending the sample, they will test it and send you the results. Monitor My Health also has another option of a bundle pack for Covid-19 antibodies and vaccine immunity tests for £60. 

Keep in mind that there are various types of antibody tests. Some can check for natural immunity, while others check for vaccine immunity. Furthermore, this test cannot check for a previous infection, only a current one. So, if you are displaying COVID-19 symptoms and need to check for the virus, you have to look for another type of COVID-19 test.

What Influences the Cost of COVID Tests?

Several factors affect the cost of COVID-19 tests. Some of these factors include:


Various companies make COVID-19 tests. These makers use different methods to create their products. Therefore, they have prices that are unique to their brand.

Service Providers or Sellers

After obtaining COVID-19 tests from providers, COVID-19 testing centers can set the price of their services to any amount. The value of their services is at their discretion, including testing fees and consultation, among others. Likewise, sellers who purchase COVID-19 tests directly from manufacturers can set their prices to whatever they want.

Keep in mind that hospitals and urgent care centres typically have higher prices due to extra charges. Private testing centers are also costly, but prices vary based on your location. If you are looking for an affordable option, then an at-home test kit is the way to go.


Your location also affects how much a COVID-19 test costs. Hence, if you believe that tests are too pricey in your area, you can check the prices on other platforms.


Antibody tests are important to confirm if an individual has had COVID-19 and their immunity to it. Antibodies test price varies depending on several factors, such as brand, location, type, and seller or service provider. 

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