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Which is the Best Hand Sanitiser Dispenser in 2020?

Hand sanitiser dispensers, are a very popular product now due to COVID-19 and are being used to replace the old hand pump bottles. The Automatic Sanitiser Dispensers offered by HandStations come in several formats. Floor Standing, Desktop and Wall Mounted options. Then you will find different versions of each for either Alcohol Gel Dispensers or spray dispensers.

Full Range of Automatic Sanitiser Dispensers from HandStations.co.uk

When you’re buying a sanitiser dispenser, you not only want it to look good, you want it to be a quality and reliable product.

At HandStations we trialed many different dispensers, before deciding what machines would suit our clients needs. We only work with 2 manufacturers as these are the best quality along with value we could find.

The title of “best hand sanitiser dispenser” will come down to the unique requirements of the purchaser, below you will see our selection of what we believe to be the best dispensers on the market in 2020.

All Automatic Dispensers from Handstations.co.uk come backed with our 2 year no quibble guarantee.

Below is our top 12 list of dispensers, you will see they come in several styles from stand alone floor standing sanitiser stations, to desktop dispensers and also wall mounted dispensers.

The 12 best hand sanitiser dispensers to buy in 2020 include:

Product CodeImageCapacitySolutionDispense Amount / Squirt uses per refillBatteries
HSELFSG1000mlAlcohol Gel1ml / 10004x C Cell Alkaline
HSELFSL600mlSanitiser LiquidSwitchable Output 1-2ml / 500-10004x AA Alkaline
HSELDTG1000mlAlcohol Gel1ml / 10004x C Cell Alkaline
HSELDTL600mlSanitiser LiquidSwitchable Output 1-2ml / 500-10004x AA Alkaline
HSELWMG1000mlAlcohol Gel1ml / 10004x C Cell Alkaline
HSELWML600mlSanitiser LiquidSwitchable Output 1-2ml / 500-10004x AA Alkaline
HSECOFSG1200mlAlcohol Gel1ml / 12004x AA Alkaline
HSECOFSL1200mlSanitiser Liquid1ml / 12004x AA Alkaline
HSECODTG1200mlAlcohol Gel1ml / 12004x AA Alkaline
HSECODTL1200mlSanitiser Liquid1ml / 12004x AA Alkaline
HSECOWMG1100mlAlcohol Gel1ml / 11004x AA Alkaline
HSECOWML1100mlSanitiser Liquid1ml / 11004x AA Alkaline

The Full range of Sanitiser dispensers from HandStation can be found here.

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