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How to Correctly Clean Your Hands


During the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, cleaning your hands regularly and correctly is essential not just for your own health and wellbeing, but everyone else’s too. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), everyone should regularly and thoroughly clean their hands...

Advice for Employers During the Second UK Lockdown


Advice for Employers During the Second UK Lockdown   On Saturday, October 31, Boris Johnson announced the second set of national lockdown restrictions due to come into force the following Thursday, November 4. Introduced to combat rapidly rising cases of...

A Brief History of Hand Hygiene


Hygiene has always been critical to survival. From ancient civilisations to our world today, it has played a vital role in preventing the spread of infection and disease. Indeed, in our modern world that’s currently being ravaged by coronavirus, hygiene...

COVID Inductions for Employees Returning to Work


As some businesses, offices, and workplaces begin working towards re-opening, either in part or in full, employers must plan for any return to the workplace to be conducted in a way that cares for their people and safeguards their health...

Safely Bringing Employees Back to the Office


Lockdown has taken its toll on individuals and businesses alike, and it’s something that has got many people desperate to return to work---as odd as that sounds! During the first COVID-19 lockdown that was put in place in March, around...

Glove Use & Hand Hygiene: Are They Worth It?


Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a highly infectious respiratory illness that can spread from person to person through droplets and contact with contaminated surfaces. As we’re all acutely aware by now, the virus that causes COVID-19 is a novel coronavirus...

Office COVID Hotspots to Be Aware Of


Following months and months of being stuck at home and staying well away from the office, some of us are now returned, and for many of those that haven’t and are still based out of spare bedrooms, kitchens, and slap-up...

The Complete Guide to Hand Sanitiser 2020


It should come as no surprise that sales of hand sanitiser dispenser have skyrocketed this year due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Even now, people can still be found scouring the aisles of supermarkets, pharmacies, and even regular retail stores...

Which is the Best Hand Sanitiser Dispenser in 2021?


Hand sanitiser dispensers, are a very popular product now due to COVID-19 and are being used to replace the old hand pump bottles. The Automatic Sanitiser Dispensers offered by HandStations come in several formats. Floor Standing, Desktop and Wall Mounted...

How to Make Your Workplace COVID-Secure


At the start of this year, reports of a mysterious illness emerging in China started to break. And before we knew it, the world was plunged into relative madness as the virus spread, countries began to lock down, and supermarkets...

How Safe Are Our Hands?


Our hands are dirty. It’s a fact of life. You touch hundreds of different surfaces every day, all of which contain their own range of nasty germs and bugs. But more often than not, people write this information off as...

What Does the New “Rule of Six” Mean?


Whenever new lockdown rules and restrictions come into force, there are always plenty of questions about what they mean, how they work, and who they apply to. This is equally true of one of the latest lockdown-related rules introduced on...

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